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A Stakeholder Engagement Framework for the Ministry of Labour

  • Content last reviewed: January 2015

Need for a Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Through conversations with stakeholders, the Ministry of Labour has identified the need for a more systematic and responsive approach to stakeholder engagement across all program areas. While the ministry has a strong track-record of effective engagement, there is an opportunity to strengthen our engagement practices, and to expand our reach to stakeholders who do not currently have an established relationship with the ministry.

Purpose of the Framework

This framework establishes and communicates the ministry’s vision for stakeholder engagement across all program areas – labour relations, employment standards, occupational health and safety and pay equity. The framework:

  • recognizes the wide range of stakeholder involvement required to achieve the ministry’s vision;
  • outlines the three key goals the ministry will pursue to help realize the vision; and
  • identifies the principles, practices and proficiencies that support the three goals by contributing to high quality, inclusive and responsive engagement.
This framework represents the ministry’s ongoing commitment to working effectively with our stakeholders, and our desire to continue to improve our engagement. It is intended to reflect and build on the work that has been undertaken over the last several years as a result of ongoing dialogue with stakeholders regarding our engagement practices. The framework is intended to serve as a strategic tool for senior executives as well as a useful reference for staff planning and managing individual engagement exercises. It is important to note that the framework outlines the ministry’s intentions for when we engage with stakeholders. In instances where the Government determines engagement is appropriate, the ministry will endeavour to apply the framework to the greatest extent possible (and will seek to be transparent regarding any limitations that do exist).

Scope of the Framework

The framework’s primary focus is on improving engagement with representative groups and other stakeholder organizations. The ministry’s future approach for public engagement is currently being considered separately within the ‘Open Dialogue’ component of the Ontario Government’s Open Government initiative[1].

The ministry will often undertake stakeholder and direct public consultation simultaneously. It is hoped that in those instances the guidance provided in this framework will be complementary to the recommendations of the Open Government initiative.

Wherever appropriate, any new tools or resources developed in response to the recommendations of the Open Government initiative will also be leveraged to support this framework.

[1]The 'Open Dialogue' initiative aims to provide the public with meaningful opportunities to participate in the policy-making process. For more information see the Open Government website.

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