Ministry of Labour - Making a Difference

[Title: Ministry of Labour - Making a Difference]

[Industrial Health and Safety Officer Ron Patterson is interviewed outside an office building on a sunny day]

Ron Patterson: As occupational safety officers for the ministry of labour, our role is to enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations.

[Regional Program Coordinator Doug Cettina sits in an office overlooking downtown]

Doug Cettina: We set the standards, we write the legislation, we communicate it out to our stakeholders.

[Employment Standards Officer Brandy Fosberg is interviewed in an office]

Brandy Fosberg: We ensure compliance with minimum wage, overtime, public holiday pay, hours of work provisions; ensuring there's a baseline, a minimum standard across the province.

[Construction workers rake freshly poured cement on a new sidewalk. A female clerk smiles as a customer makes a transaction. A bulldozer tips its bucket into a dump truck. Program Manager Sean McGowan is interviewed outside a manufacturing plant]

Sean McGowan: We get officers and inspectors out into workplaces to ensure workplaces are protecting the workers' rights and to take action where we find that they're not.

[Employment Standard Officials meet with workers on the job. Employment Standards Officer Camille Cendana speaks to camera in an office while employees work in the background]

Camille Cendana: Just the sheer volume of the amount of claims and the work that we need to do really shows how the work we do is needed.

[District Manager Jervis Bonnick is interviewed outside a job site. A van passes behind him]

Jervis Bonnick: My colleagues are affected, my friends are effected, my family is affected. They need to be protected as well as the people in the public that need to be protected.

[Sparks fly as a welder in protective mask, gloves and overalls works on a piece of metal. A crane operator works high above the ground. A health worker wearing a mask dons plastic gloves taken from a box on the wall.]

Ron Patterson: It's ensuring that workers do go home at the end of a day in as good a condition as they arrived. I don't think there's any of us that do not believe in that.

Brandy Fosberg: The operations division is making a significant impact in workplaces in Ontario because we're out in the field physically speaking with those individual businesses and business owners. We're informing them of the parameters of the Employment Standards Act, we're informing them of the rights and responsibilities they have as employers.

[A white Government of Ontario van pulls out of a parking lot. Brandy Fosberg chats with a male office worker at his desk]

[Employment Standards Officer Steve Lauzon meets with a group of young people in a boardroom]

Steve Lauzon: The part that I take the greatest pride in is our educational component. Students are what I would consider a vulnerable sector because they don't have a lot of awareness of what their rights are. We will go into high schools and inform them of what their rights are. We'll do joint presentations as well, with both employment standards and health and safety.

[An employee wearing safety goggles, hardhat and reflective clothing works around heavy machinery. Mining Inspector Jim Milne is interviewed inside an office]

Jim Milne: I work in the mining program. There's more inherent risks in working in the mining industry. The equipment is bigger, the environment is more dangerous, it's dark, there's more exposure to dusts and noise, so when something does go wrong in the mining industry, it's usually catastrophic.

[Construction Inspector Jeff Lomer speaks to camera outside windowed offices]

Jeff Lomer: I love investigating. I love figuring out what happened, why it happened and being part of preventing that from happening again.

[Construction Inspector Maria Christoforou wears a navy blue Ontario Ministry of Labour jacket]

Maria Christoforou: I think we're making a difference with the constructors and the relationships that we're building. We're bridging the gap between the public industry, the private industry. We're really getting out there everyday, we're out in the fields, we're educating people, and I think this is really making a difference.

[A woman diagrams on a whiteboard as another woman listens attentively]

Sean McGowan: One word to describe it would be "dedicated". I've got a team of eighteen inspectors and three administration staff, and certainly speaking to the inspectors, they all love their job. I've spoken to them before about where they want to be in the future and pretty much every single one of them has said to me they want to retire as an inspector.

Brandy Fosberg: I love my job because of the autonomy that I have, the decision making ability that I have and that I'm making a difference everyday.

[Title: Help us make a difference. Join our team.]

[The Government of Ontario logo appears.]