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  • Content last reviewed: December 2011

Ontario Government Organizations

Jobs Protection Office (Ontario Ministry of Labour)

2378 Holly Lane, Suite 202
Ottawa ON K1V 7P1
Tel.: 613-260-8351 or 1-888-998-9959
Fax: 613-260-8369

  • Assistance to Ontario workers and contractors wishing to work in the Quebec construction industry
  • TQAA enforcement 
  • Complaints resolution
  • Issuance of specialized and Trade Activity cards
  • Underground economy

Ministry of Labour

347 Preston Street, 4th Floor
Ottawa ON K1S 3J4
Tel.: 613-228-8050 or 1-800-267-1916
Fax: 613-727-2900

  • Health and Safety information
  • Employment Standards information

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

180 Kent Street
Tower 4, Suite 400
Ottawa ON K1P 0B6
Tel.: 613-237-8840 or 1-800-267-9601
Fax: 613-239-3321

  • Contractors/employers, self-employed must register with WSIB when working in Ontario

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU)

Ottawa Office:
347 Preston Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 310
Ottawa ON K1S 3H8
Tel.: 613-731-7100 or 1-877-221-1220
Fax: 613-731-4160

Cornwall Office:
55 Water Street West, Suite L50
Cornwall, ON K6J 1A1
Tel.: 613-938-9702 or 1-877-668-6604
Fax: 613-938-6627

  • Trades qualification certification
  • Apprentice registration
  • Evaluation for trade activity cards
  • Testing for certificates of qualification


Toll Free: 800-267-8097

  • Company registration to obtain Master Business Licenses
  • Business name registration
  • Services for business,
  • Various licenses and permits to do business in Ontario
  • ServiceOntario Centres

Ministry of Finance
Retail Sales Tax Central Registry

33 King Street West
Oshawa ON L1H 8H5
Tel.: 1-866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297)

1400, Place Blair, Suite 300
Ottawa ON K1J 8B8
Tel.: 1-866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297)


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Ontario Contractor Associations

Council of Ontario Construction Associations

180 Dundas Street West, Suite 2001
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8
Tel.: 416-968-7200
Fax: 416-968-0362

  • Association of Ontario Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) and heavy civil construction industry

Ontario General Contractors Association

6299 Airport Road, Suite 703
Mississauga ON L4V 1N3
Tel.: 905-671-3969
Fax: 905-671-8212

  • Association for Ontario general contractors
  • Advice on handling contracts
  • Working with architects, engineers and owners

Ontario Home Builder’s Association

20 Upjohn Rd.
North York, ON M3B 2V9
Tel.: 416-443-1545 or 1-800-387-0109
Fax: 416-443-9982

  • Association for Ontario home builders
  • residential building industry in Ontario
  • New home construction and residential renovation industries

The Ottawa Construction Association

196 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H4
Tel.: 613- 236-0488
Fax: 613- 238-6124

  • Represents non-residential construction industry contractors in Ottawa. i.e. commercial, industrial and institutional market

Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association

30, Concourse Gate, Suite 203
Nepean, ON K2E 7V7
Tel.: 613-723-2926
Fax: 613-723-2982

  • Represents home building and renovation professionals in Ottawa region.

Electrical Contractors' Association of Ottawa

86 Greenfield Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 0X7
Tel.: 613-238-1124
Fax: 613- 238-8194

  • Voice of the electrical industry on all matters pertaining to the greater Ottawa area

The Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Ottawa

280 Albert Street, Suite 804
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G8
Tel.: 613- 232-0492
Fax: 613 -235-2793

  • National Trade Association serving the needs of mechanical contractors  

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Other Ontario Organizations

Tarion Warranty Corporation

1145 Hunt Club Road
Ottawa, ON K1V 0Y3
Tel.: 1-877-982-7466
Fax: 1-877-664-9710

  • All new home and condominium builders must registers with Tarion so that all new homeowners receive the new home warranty coverage that they are entitled to by law

Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO)

21 Voyager Court South
Etobicoke ON M9W 5M7
Tel.: 416-674-2726 or 1-800-781-2726

  • Ontario construction industry’s primary provider of health and safety information
  • Health and Safety training for contractors and workers

Electrical Safety Authority

155 A Matheson, Blvd. W, Suite 200
Misissauga, ON L5R 3L5
Tel.: 905-712-7870 (Greater Toronto Area) or 705-541-8407
Contractors/Entrepreneurs: 1-800-249-4583
Fax:  705-941-9475

Ottawa :
111 Colonnade Road, Suite 200 A
Ottawa ON K2E 7M3
Tel.: 613-913-3685
Fax: 613-832-4006 

  • Responsible for regulating the safe use of electricity and equipment in Ontario
  • enforces the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, and appoints Inspectors
  • Electrical contractors must get their Electrical Safety Authority licence to work in Ontario

Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)

3300 Bloor Street West – 14th Floor Centre Tower
Toronto, ON M8X 2X4
Tel.: 416-734-3300 or 1-877-682-8772
Fax: 416-231-4903


  • Public Education;
  • Training and Certification;
  •  Licensing and Registration for contractors  and workers in the fuel  and elevating device trades
  • Engineering design review;
  • Investigations, prosecution Inspections;
  • Safety management consultation.

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Ontario Unionized Construction Workers' Organizations

Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

65 International Boulevard, Suite 206
Toronto  ON  M9W 6L9
Tel.: 416-670-8887
Fax: 416-670-8882

  • Ensures workers in the trades receive fair wages, benefits and job-site standards.
  • Secures safe and healthy work site conditions.
  • Obtains training and skills upgrading.
  •  Defends the dignity of all craft work

Building and Construction Trades Council of Eastern Ontario

30 Concourse Gate, Unit #32
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7V7
Attention: Mr. Richard Corcoran - District Council President & Director
Telephone: 613-226-7585
Fax: 613-226-6463

  • Improves the health, job safety, economic conditions of the members of its affiliates, and of working men, women and minors in the construction industry

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Quebec Government Resources

Quebec Construction Commission/Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ)

Head Office/Siège social
3530, rue Jean-Talon Ouest
Montréal QC H3R 2G3
Tel.: 514-341-7740
Fax: 514-341-0719

Gatineau Office/Bureau de Gatineau
225, montée Paiement
Gatineau, (Québec)  J8P 6M7
Tel.: 819-243-6065
Fax: 819-243-6088

  • Workers and contractors must register with the CCQ when working in Quebec in the construction trade
  • Responsible for applying the Act on Labour Relations, Vocational Training, and Manpower Management in the Construction Industry

Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

Direction des licences (Montréal)
545, boul. Crémazie Est, 4e étage
Montréal QC H2M 2V2
Tel.: (514) 873-0976 or 1-888-271-2491
Fax: (514) 864-2903

Bureau régional de l’Outaouais
170, rue de l'Hôtel de ville, Bureau 8.100
Gatineau QC J8X 4C2
Tel.: 819 772-3860 or 1-800-567-6897
Fax: 819-772-3973


  • Contractors must register with the RBQ before bidding/working in Quebec
  • Once license is received, it is renewable yearly

Ministère du Revenu du Québec (MRQ)

Complexe Desjardins
150, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest 
Montréal QC  H5B 1A4
Tel.: 1-800-567-4692

170, rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, 6e étage
Gatineau QC J8X 4C2
Tel.: 1-800-567-4692

  • employers (and payers) must pay  their fiscal obligations when working in  Quebec

Régistraire des entreprises du Québec

(Immatriculation et modification au registre)

In person :
800, place D'Youville
Québec QC G1R 4Y5
Tel.: 418-643-3625 or 1-888-291-4443
Fax: 418-528-5703

Mailing address :
C.P. 1364
Québec QC
G1K 9B3

Montréal Office
800, rue du Square-Victoria
Niveau promenade
Montreal, QC
H4Z 1H9
Tel.: 1-888-291-4443
Fax: 514-873-6431

Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)

Centre de Service
855 boul. Henri-Bourassa Ouest, bureau 100
Montréal, QC H3L 1P3
Tel.: 514-873-7620
Fax: 514-873-4320

SAAQ Centre de Service de Gatineau
975  boul. St-Joseph
Gatineau QC
J8Z 1W8
Tel.: 1-800- 361-7620

  • Heavy equipment and truck registration

Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ)

545 boul. Crémazie Est
10e étage, bureau 100
Montréal QC
H2M 2V1
Tel.: 1-888-461-2433
Fax: 514-873-4720

  • Heavy equipment and truck registration

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