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Sector Plans

Safe At Work Ontario

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As part of Safe At Work Ontario, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) develops annual enforcement plans that focus on hazards and health and safety issues specific to workplaces in different sectors. The plans describe the specialized and professional services office of the MOL as well as the programs for industrial, health care, construction and mining sectors. The plans explain what inspectors will be focusing on in each sector during an inspection.

In December 2013, the Ministry of Labour published its Healthy and Safe Ontario Workplaces strategy. The strategy includes actions to:

  • support small businesses with new resources to keep workers safe
  • help ensure that all workers, especially those most at risk, receive the assistance they need
  • make the delivery of workplace health and safety services more effective and efficient
  • raise awareness among Ontarians about ways to stay safe and healthy at work
  • foster compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

To aid the MOL in achieving the goals described in the strategy, these sector plans have been aligned with priorities identified in consultation with the Ministry’s workplace health and safety system partners and stakeholders.