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The ESA Poster

This workbook has been prepared to assist employers and employees in understanding some of their obligations and rights under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and its regulations. It does not take the place of the ESA and its regulations and it should not be considered to offer any legal advice on your particular situation.

Posting the poster shows employees that employers are aware of the law and their legal obligations. It also lets employees know what their rights are.

Virtually every business in Ontario that employs people is required to post the most recent version of the poster titled What You Should Know About the Ontario Employment Standards Act (commonly referred to as “the ESA poster”) in a conspicuous place where it is likely to come to the attention of the employees. Employers that are not covered by the Employment Standards Act (ESA) are not required to display the poster.

The poster is free. Print or download the most recent version.

It can also picked up, free of charge from any ServiceOntario office.

The poster briefly sets out many of the rights that employees have under the ESA. It is a simple way for the ministry to help employees who are covered by the ESA know their rights.

It is important to note that if the majority language of a workplace is a language other than English, the employer must contact the MOL or visit its website to see if a translation of the poster exists in that language. If so, the employer must post a copy of the translation into that language next to the English version of the poster if the ministry has published such a translation. (To find out, contact the MOL or visit its website.) The poster is available in English, French and several other languages. Multilingual material is also available.

It is a good idea to be familiar with the poster’s contents. Much of the information on it will be covered later in this Workbook.

Hanging the poster and ensuring the standards described in it are followed is an excellent employee relations practice. It’s also the law.

ESA Poster Checklist

Please verify that:

  • There is a copy of the ESA poster posted in your workplace.
  • It is the current version (visit to verify).
  • It is posted where it will come to the attention of employees.
  • If required, it has been posted in a second language.
  • If the business has multiple locations, there is a copy posted in each one.

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