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Forms: Employment Standards

  • Content last reviewed: February 2015

For your convenience, many of these documents are provided, in Portable Document Format (PDF PDF). To view and print PDF files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat® Reader 4.0, or later, installed on your computer. You can download this free software.

The following forms are available on our website. Make sure you read the information about completing and submitting forms carefully.

To avoid using outdated versions, we recommend that you do not permanently download any form to your computer.

Some forms may be viewed and filled-in on screen. Due to internet security and privacy issues, forms must be returned to the ministry by fax (where applicable), mail, or in person.

Employment Standards Claim [ Form #: MOL-ES-0002 ]
This form is used to recover money and benefits from an employer.
It is important to read the information contained in the Before You Start Booklet before completing the Claim Form.

EPFNA (Foreign National Live-In Caregivers Claim) [ Form #: MOL-ES-016 ]
This form is used to file a claim under the Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act (Live-in Caregivers and Others), 2009 (EPFNA).

Hours of Work and Averaging Hours [ Form # MOL-ES-001 ]
This form is used by employers if they want an employee to work more than 48 hours a week or they want to average an employee's hours of work for overtime pay purposes.

Medical Certificate to Support Entitlement to Family Caregiver Leave, Family Medical Leave, and/or Critically Ill Child Care LeavePDF [197 Kb]
This is a form that employees may wish to provide to a qualified health practitioner to fill out, in order to support their eligibility to take one of these leaves.

Notice of Settlement [ Form # MOL-ES-047F / # MOL-ES-048F ]
These forms are used to notify the Ministry of Labour that an employment standards claim has been settled by a claimant and an employer.

Notice of Termination
This form is used by employers when 50 or more employees are terminated at an employer's establishment within a four-week period. This is often referred to as mass termination.