Ontario Appoints First Chief Prevention Officer

Ontario has appointed George Gritziotis as the province's first Chief Prevention Officer as part of its commitment to workplace health and safety.

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Clean Air Focus In Mining Blitz

Ontario will target hazards affecting clean air in underground mines across the province in October 2011. Mining inspectors will check underground ventilation and diesel equipment to ensure mine workers have an adequate supply of clean air.

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Stakeholder Consultation Summary

Earlier this year, the ministry sought input from representatives and specialists from various industries and sectors to shape and improve our workplace health and safety strategy. The consultations were popular, attracting twice as many attendees as the previous year. Read about what was discussed and key issues that were identified.

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Natural Disasters FAQs

Natural disasters can happen at any time, anywhere. In the event of a tornado, flood or other emergencies, Ontario’s employers and employees have duties and rights under the law. Can I require employees to take vacation days because of a disaster? What are the responsibilities regarding the safety of my employees? I came to work, but my employer sent me home – am I entitled to any compensation? Learn the answers to these – and more – in our Natural Disaster FAQs.

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Health and Safety Training

Ontario’s health and safety associations offer a range of training services to help their clients stay healthy and safe at the workplace. Visit the Health & Safety Ontario page, and choose the relevant association to learn more about their training services.

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