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January 2013 | Issue #32

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Youth Video Contest Opens For Submissions On Feb. 1

Each year, more than 31,000 young workers across Canada are injured seriously enough to need time off work. Some are unaware that they have the right to be paid fairly. A new contest invites young people to submit a video of up to two minutes on any topic related to awareness about workplace health and safety, or employment standards. Winners will receive cash prizes of up to $3,000. Spread the word about the contest in your workplace or to young people you know!

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CPO Task Groups Announced

Ontario's Chief Prevention Officer George Gritziotis has named the members of two task groups who will consult and provide advice about vulnerable workers and small business.

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Upcoming Inspection Blitzes

This winter, the ministry will conduct three heightened enforcement blitzes at workplaces across Ontario. Ministry inspectors will focus on underground mines to check on hazards that could affect air quality. They will also visit industrial and construction workplaces to check for slips, trips and falls hazards. Inspectors will also visit health care workplaces to focus on workplace violence and harassment.

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Issue #1 - Health & Safety At Work TODAY

Read the inaugural edition of Health & Safety At Work TODAY, the Ministry of Labour's new health and safety newsletter. Formerly Safe At Work Ontario TODAY, it's the same publication that thousands of you have read and enjoyed, now enhanced to include the ministry's new workplace injury prevention mandate. Please note if you're already a subscriber of the previous newsletter, you do not need to re-subscribe.

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2012 In Review – A Conversation With The Chief Prevention Officer

Listen to an interview with George Gritziotis, Ontario's Chief Prevention Officer, on how the ministry's Prevention Office has been working to improve Ontario's health and safety system. Learn about new awareness training products, the mandatory poster, working groups on small business and vulnerable workers – and how they help workplaces prevent injuries and fatalities.

George Gritziotis

Labour Relations Conference

Hear what the top economists and labour relations practitioners are saying about the challenges ahead at the ministry's largest labour relations conference of the year! The special luncheon speaker will be Donald Fehr, executive director of the National Hockey League Players Association. Attend a workshop to explore the nature of trust and its impact on the labour-management relationship. Register early to receive a discount!

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The Bargaining Table

Regulatory Proposal On Mandatory Awareness Training Programs

Just a reminder that the ministry is proposing a new regulation that will require all employers covered by the OHSA to ensure that their workers and supervisors complete mandatory basic occupational health and safety awareness training. A summary of the regulatory proposal is available for input. Send your comments on the regulatory proposal to the ministry by February 4, 2013.

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Occupational Exposure Limits Consultation

The ministry revised the occupational exposure limits with the help of stakeholder consultations. The ministry is again seeking input on the proposed adoption of new or revised exposure limits.

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