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December 2012 | Issue #31

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Worker Health And Safety Awareness In 4 Steps

The first of a suite of workplace safety awareness training programs is now available. The workbook “Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps” is available for download and for printing. Accompanying the workbook is a brochure that gives employers a brief overview about the workbook.

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Regulatory Proposal On Mandatory Awareness Training Programs

The Ministry of Labour is proposing a new regulation that will require all employers covered by the OHSA to ensure that their workers and supervisors complete mandatory basic occupational health and safety awareness training. A summary of the regulatory proposal is available for input. Send your comments on the regulatory proposal to the ministry.

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Traffic Control Video

The main hazard at a road construction project is being struck by motorists and equipment. Learn what ministry inspectors look for when they are at a construction project with traffic control operations.

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Client Handling In Health Care Video

Watch a ministry inspector and ergonomist talk about safety when moving patients in health care settings, including hospitals and long-term care facilities. The video illustrates what inspectors look for in relation to preventing musculoskeletal disorders when handling patients.

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Back Belts In Manual Material Handling

Some people have asked the ministry if using weightlifting or lumbar support belts – or back belts – in the workplace will curb the risk of low back injuries when manually lifting and moving materials. The weight of the evidence suggests they do not offer benefits in reducing workplace injury rates or absenteeism.

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Court Bulletins

Workplaces and workplace parties that violate Ontario’s employment and workplace health and safety laws could face convictions, fines – or even jail time. Recently, a director of several companies was sentenced to 90 days in jail after failing to pay his employees. He and his companies were fined a total of $280,000. Learn more about this and other convictions via our court bulletins.

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Occupational Exposure Limits Update

The ministry has revised the occupational exposure limits with the help of stakeholder consultations. A reminder that the most recent changes take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

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