Summer Inspection Blitzes

From May to August, the ministry will conduct seven inspection blitzes in various sectors. Starting in May, ministry inspectors will focus on new and young workers, home builders and low-rise construction, and tower crane suppliers, as well as tower cranes on construction projects.

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New and Young Worker Blitz

Ministry of Labour inspectors will focus on the safety of young workers (14-24) — and new workers of all ages — at selected industrial and health care workplaces during an enforcement blitz from May to August. Compliance aids include a workplace poster and tip sheets for young workers and their parents, supervisors and employers.

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Ontario Proposes to Allow Retirement of Firefighters At 60

Ontario has introduced legislation that would, if passed, allow mandatory retirement at age 60 for the province’s salaried firefighters.

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Proposed Amendments to Mining Regulation

The ministry is proposing to amend various provisions under the Mines and Mining Plants regulation. The proposed amendments involve requirements for such things as training, diesel exhaust exposure limits and mine hoisting plants. Comments are due by May 9.

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Mining Blitz Results

Ministry inspectors issued dozens of safety orders during a blitz of mining workplaces in November 2010. Inspectors checked for compliance on use and condition of a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including PPE for fall protection, collision avoidance between workers and vehicles, and protection from atmospheric contaminants. The blitz results are now available.

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Confined Spaces Consolidation

As of July 1, 2011, all regulatory requirements for confined spaces will be consolidated into one regulation. As of that date, the confined spaces requirements for industrial establishments, construction projects, health care and residential facilities, and mines and mining plants will come under the Confined Space Regulation (O. Reg. 632/05) instead of sector-specific regulations.

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Day of Mourning

On April 28, Ontario will pause to pay its respects to the workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness as a result of work-related incidents. Take part in one of the many events held around the province.

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